September 2016


My daughter was at college for exactly five days and just a single Saturday night when the first campus-wide alert was sent about a late-night sexual assault. Coincidentally, I’m binge watching House of Cards and just reached the episode where Claire Underwood ‘outs’ her freshman year rapist during a live interview on national television. Not to mention the horrifying Brock Turner incident. Even realizing it’s most likely increased reporting rather than increased incidence, it does seem as if campus sexual assault is everywhere these days.



I spent most of last week on the Mass Pike, where I noticed something for the first time. It appears that every decent-sized patch of land adjacent to the freeway has been taken over by tidy little ‘farms’ of solar panels. Doesn’t that make you wonder why we don’t have those out here? Sure, we’ve got the windmills on the Altamont Pass you see on the way to various (absurdly early) tournaments in Manteca. But let’s be real. It’s barely even sunny in Massachusetts! So if they can make solar work, how come we don’t have panel farms all over the place out here?