Chad Olcott

Chad Olcott


Raised in the leafy suburbs of Connecticut and appropriately shipped off to boarding school when the time came, Chad grew up with an interior designer for a mother and an appreciation of style as a calling card.  When other boys his age were memorizing NFL teams or Grateful Dead songs, he was devouring design magazines and appreciating the difference between Mitchell Gold and gold leaf.

He attended college in upstate New York and graduate school at Harvard, devoting himself for two decades to educational nonprofit management and then to raising his own three children.  In 2007, he and his wife launched their first retail venture, Mulberry’s Market, a specialty grocery store in the East Bay town of Piedmont.

Mulberry’s Market filled a void in Piedmont, giving the city its center and bringing a sense of small town mercantilism.  The store drew raves for its gourmet grocery assortment, delicious prepared foods and artisanal coffee.  But more than anything, it was praised for its design and homey feel – traditional but not corny, modern but not cold.

After getting nearly seven years of retail under his belt, Chad turned to his true calling of interior design with the launch of Mulberry’s Home in 2014.  Located in an old Oakland Library branch on Piedmont Avenue, an up-and-coming neighborhood in the ‘new Brooklyn,’ Mulberry’s Home is a lifestyle boutique furniture store with a hand-selected assortment of treasures.  Chad’s dream is that customers will walk into Mulberry’s Home, take a look around, and say, “this is what I want my home to feel like.”